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testimonials speak for themselves

"You go above and beyond what is expected. You lined our cabinets and drawers with out us even asking you to do so, treating this office as if it was your own.

You are trustworthy. We feel safe leaving our office in your hands.

We have actually recommended your services already and we have heard nothing but great reviews. You are dependable and honest.

We never have come into work wondering if our cleaning service was in the night before. Your service is consistent and the quality of your work has not gone down.

We are very happy with your work."

—responses to a survey we recently conducted

Claudia M. Skuros—Customer Relations Manager, Insure On The Spot


"ALLCITY® is a great cleaning service. I have had many in the past, but nobody cleans like ALLCITY®. Vents, windows, mirrors, dust on furniture... they cover it all!!! I would greatly recommend them for your office cleaning.  If you need something extra done, like changing a light bulb you can't reach or changing ceiling panels, just call them in advance and they will come and do it for you.  There is a fee for the extra's but well worth it.

Esther Garces—Esther's Electrolysis and Skin Care, Chicago


“ALLCITY® does an outstanding job keeping our office and different job sites clean. Reliable services, flexible hours. Consistently exceeds all of our expectations. I am always  impressed with the  professionalism and politeness of every staff member. 
Thank you!”

Anna G.—Office Manager, Painting and Tile Home Improvements, Chicago








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